What up! I’m Matthew, ordained minister and life coach. As I’ve journeyed through life my desire to help people continues to grow. I’ve experienced many different challenges in my life and my goal is to use those experiences to help you level up in your own life. Leveling up is different for everyone! Whether that’s handling the challenges of transitioning to the next life stage, struggling in your marriage, dealing with the stress of being a father, or overcoming the loss of a loved one. My goal is to help you navigate these challenges and grow as a man in the process!

I look forward to working with you!

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Bachelors of Arts in Communication

University of Missouri St. Louis

St. Louis, MO

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Conflict Management

Lipscomb University

Ordained Minister

Universal Life Church

We all go through challenges in life and have to find a way to learn and grow from those experiences. I’m a late bloomer and learned a lot about life by making mistakes and going through things that have made me stronger in the process. I’ve made financial mistakes, relationship mistakes, it took me almost 12 years to finish a 4 year degree, I lost my father to cancer 3 months after getting married, struggled with my weight, and had bad days as a father and a husband. And the list goes on.  Through all of the challenges and hardships I’ve been able to level up by processing and evaluating my emotions, dealing with the tension, and fighting to be better every day. Professionally I’ve worked with families, high school, and college students as a minister and life coach. I believe we all need someone to help us navigate through life and it would be my honor to be that for you! 

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Specialty Areas

Spiritual Guidance

Support for Ministers

First Generation

Self Esteem Improvement

Support for New Husbands

Support for New Dads

Life Transitions

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Schedule & Fees


By Appointment Only


$100  60 min individual session