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Family Planning | Infertility | Miscarriage | Prenatal Support | Postpartum Support


Becoming a parent can be exciting, fun, and hopeful but also scary, disappointing, and just hard. 


My practice is devoted to Perinatal and Maternal Mental Health. It's basically a fancy way of saying I address a range of issues that arise on the journey from conceiving to postpartum. I am trained and skilled in helping individuals, couples, and families improve communication, adjust expectations, reach personal and collective goals, and guide you on the path of health and healing. If these are your experience, you know you are in the right place:


  • Having issues conceiving

  • Experiencing miscarriages

  • Anxious about having a child

  • Experienced a significant lifestyle change during pregnancy

  • Have a traumatic birth experience

  • Having difficulty connecting with your baby

  • Having thoughts about harming yourself or your baby

  • Feeling intensely sad

  • Having conflict with your partner shortly after the baby


 You do not have to experience these challenges alone; I am here. I hope our paths are able to cross and that we may walk on your journey to health and healing together.